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    Indian Institution of Plant Engineers was registered in Madras (Chennai ) in 1971, The Maharashtra chapter was started in 1972.

    Founder Members of Maharashtra Chapter G.Narayana and Late Mr. M V Gupte had taken the initiative.

    Late Mr. M.V.Gupte Mr. G. Narayana Mr. Raman
    Mr. N. Madhusudan Mr. A.R.Chitnis Mr. V.G.Nambiar
    Late Mr.S K ,Karandikar Mr. R. Subramaniam Mr. T.R. Venkataraman
    Mr. V.S.Kale Mr. N K Srivastava

    The meeting used to held in residences of founder members and was aptly supported by their family with cherish hospitality.

    Mr. K Ramesham then National President and S Narayanan National secretary visited several times and helped in setting up Maharashtra Chapter.

    Several Corporate members like Voltas, Glaxo ,Siemens , Sandoz ,Parke Davis, RCF ,Hindustan Petroleum ,. with few other organisations like Prithvi Industrial Combine,( Mr. S P Bakshi ), Vikar Enginnering (.Late Mr,B K Karanjawala ) Precision Equipments, Systematic Industrial Engineers and more joined IIPE.

    Later for some years the venue of meetings was a conference hall of Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute [ VJTI ] at Matunga

    With efforts of Mr.Madhusudhan, Mr.Nambiar, Mr.Krishnakumar, Mr.Kallinath, and Mr.Radhakrishnan the present Office Place was finalized and Initial payment was made in 1989 The Final Agreement with Lok Bharati Builders was signed on 7th of April 1995 by then Chairman Mr. Aswathnarayana and Secretary P K G Nair

    One of the two paid secretaries who worked for a long time with IIPE was Mr B S Mani ( Voltas ) who also was given affiliated membership.

    Second secretary Mr M B Satardekar (Ex. NITIE) who also worked for a long period with the Chapter He contributed towards recovery of dues from some members He was methodical and disciplined person.

    In 2002 Mr P K G Nair , then vice chairman, offered his services to look after the office administration and remain till 2014. His selfless services is appreciated

    IIPE National Presidents from Maharashtra chapter

    Mr. J.N.Mehrotra 1977 - 1978
    Dr. S. Ramani 1989 - 1992
    Dr. Thomas Mathews 1998 - 2002

    Chairmen of Maharashtra Chapter Since 1972

    Mr. V.G. Nambiar Mr. N.K.Srivastava Mr.N.Madhusudan
    Mr. Aswathnarayana Mr.Dr. Chandan Chandhary Mr. Ashok Bhatia
    Mr. N.N.Madhavan Mr. A.R.Chitnis Mr. Mukesh Shah
    Mr. H.S.Karangle Mr.S.S.DUA Mr. Manoj Priya
    Mr. S.C.Mehta Mr. K.B..Kakatkar ( 2terms) Mr. Ashok Sethi
    Mr. Ashok Jadhav(Present Chairman) Mr. C.G. Kallinath (Chairman –Record)

    Secretary of Maharashtra Chapter since 2002

    Krishna Raja T.B. Manish Alsi C.G.Kallinath
    Ashok Bhatia J.A.Kagal B. Venugopal

    Treasurer of Maharashtra Chapter since 2002

    Ajay Munjal R.M.Shetty P K G Nair

    Board of studies was operating from Mumbai when Dr S.Ramani was Chapter Chairman. Late Mr M V Gupte was Chairman of Board Of Studies who did his best to establish but later it was shifted to H.O. Chennai,.

    Plant Engineering Journal was published from Mumbai under the supervision of Mr T S Krishna Kumar for some duration. Later it was shifted to H,O. Chennai.

    Major Events & Activities of Maharashtra Chapter since 1972

    i. First major event was PLANTEX 77 Exhibition which was held at Vallabhai Patel Stadium (NSCI) Worli and a Conference at Taj Mahal Hotel Mr. V G Nambair was Chairman and Mr, A R Chitnis was Secretary This was a grand success and attracted more and more members. All Executive Committee members worked as a team and were totally involved and worked beyond the expectations and extra hours to make it happen

    Mr J N Mehrotra was National President ( 1977-78) With his efforts even the President of IPE London also attended . First G.C. meeting was held in 1977 at Natarj Hotel Mumbai

    ii.Around this time H R Mookhi, B B Shah, Ashok Bhatia, Ajay Munjal Mr Kalinath Mr. P K G Nair, super active members , joined the Institution and strengthen goals and objectives working selflessly

    iii.The Second major event was International Plant Engineering Conference in 1984 [ INPEC 84], --Mr. N K Srivastava was Chairman and Mr.Ashok Bhatia was secretary ,V G Nambiar was the financial controller Mr. S Guha was the National President

    It was conducted at Hotel Taj International from 14 to 16 November 1984 and Work Shop at NITIE from 17th to 19th Nov. Chief Convener was late Mr. S K Karandikar Mr.H D Doshi was Reception Committee Chairman and his office was used as the epicenter of seminar activities. 200 participants including overseas attended. Mr. Duleep Singh, then RCF Chairman”s ,support played key role. Air India was one of the cosponsors of the seminar and this was due to the efforts of S D Narvekar and C G Kallinath.

    Exhibition was held at Vallabhai Patel Stadium at Worli The Chairman of Exhibition Committee was Mr. N Madhsudan and Vice Chairman Mr.A R Chitnis With extensive involvement , midnight tireless working of all executive committee members to name few V G Nambiar, Ajay Munjal, H R Mookhi, Uday Chitre, S P Bakshi,T S Krishnakumar, P K G Nair, the exhibition was highly successful and recognized in Industry

    iv.The Third major event was ‘POWER VISION’, Opportunities and Challenges Conference- was held at Hotel Leela Kempinski on 2nd and 3rd February 2007. Main Architect of this conference was Chairman of Chapter Mr.H R Karangle, and Mr.P K G Nair -Vice Chairman and office coordinator, C G Kallinath was Secretary and Raghuram Shetty was Treasurer. S S Dua, Ashok Bhatia, Ajay Munjal, T R Navin Raj, S D Narvekar, T S Krishnakumar, P H Gupta, K N Gupta and H G Ganglani worked tirelessly and late hours.

    National Institute of Training in Industrial Engineering [ NITIE ], under the directorship of Dr S.Ramani and Dr. Thomas Matthews contributed for the growth of IIPE Several workshops and seminars were conducted jointly.

    vi.Dr Chandan Chowdhury had conducted very successful workshops and seminars when he was chairman of RECORD. Mr. C G Kallinath was coordinator

    vii.Statutory Requirements for Factories --Seminar was conducted almost every year with active support from H R Mookhi Mr Ashok Bhatia Mr PKG Nair, Mr. Karanjawala, HD Doshi as well as respective Year ‘s all Executive Committee Members. This was a platform for Plant Engineers to meet and interact with Chief of respective Statutory Authorities such as Boiler, Electrical ,Controller of explosives , Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Factory Inspectorate/Act , BMC Fire Brigade.

    viii.‘Meet the Manufacturer’ Programme was held regularly at VJTI Auditorium which was totally sponsored by the manufacturer and was beneficial to Members knowing the latest technology development in Engineering products

    ix.Mr Ashok Jadhav , present Chairman, had taken an initiative for the renovation of office and converted into Conference Room where seminars are now being conducted

    QUOTE BY Mr. YOGENDRA PRASAD IIPE NATIONAL PRESIDENT 2002 Made in G.C.Meeting held on 27-04-2002 at Delhi is as below

    “ He emphasized about Quality of services to be provided by IIPE and stressed that Country is Important ,Organization is Important, Work is Important than the Individual “


    Honorary Fellowship was awarded to the following well known in their field and meritorious service.

    1.Dr Chidambaram

    2.Mr Anil Kakotkar

    3.Mr Y S R Prasad

    The function was arranged in NTPC Auditorium in Chembur by Mr A K Sinha , Dr Thomas Mathew was the National President

    B) On the occasion of AGM at Chembur Gymkhana the following stalwarts were honoured as the ‘PILLARS OF IIPE’.

    1]Mr M V GUPTE

    2]Mr S P BAKSHI

    3]Mr V G NAMBIAR


    5]Mr H D DOSHI

    6] Mr A R CHITNIS

    7]Mr H R MOOKHI



    C) Life Time Achievement Award was presented to

    Mr N K Srivastava and Major R N Wahal During AGM in 2017,

    Mr H R Mookhi and Mr P K G Nair. During AGM in 2018,

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    The Maharashtra Chapter started in 1971 from humble biggining. In the 1980 the then committee managed to secure their own office at Marol where the present office stands. .

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